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Written by Richard Ball. Posted in Society Info

Welcome to the Norfolk and Suffolk Group’s web site.

The Norfolk and Suffolk group exists to exchange information about hardy plants and organise visits, plant sales, talks and get-togethers.

I hope all members will have a look at and contribute to these web pages.

It is not part of my remit to write the articles, that is the members’ job. All I shall be doing is updating and checking that the website is working well.  All plant information is invaluable and the varied experiences of members should make this a wide ranging and useful effort.

Committee members, such as the The Chair, The Secretary and other officers, if they wish, will be able to change and upload their own information.

So please have a look at the first few ideas for content and let’s have your ideas for what you may think useful on the web site. Think about sections that can use your pictures, too. All articles will go eventually into the archives so that you can refer back to them at anytime.

Please let us have your comments, suggestions and ideas. Thank you.

Why not find us on Twitter @HpsNfkSuffgrp or on Facebook at HPS Norfolk & Suffolk Group

Peter Lyle
Web Manager

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